Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Winter edibles

Whoops, I'm a couple of days late with this post. I spent the weekend cutting back the shrubbery along the front fence, digging out some bushes I didn't want and then chopping up the prunings and cramming them into our miniscule green recycling bin (I'll show you that some time... oh how you will laugh).

So I thought I'd show you how the edibles are doing at the end of July. Although the pumpkins above aren't exactly edible any more...

Would you believe I've still got blueberries? This is Blueberry Muffin, a self fertile variety.

Heaps of rhubarb is still poking through. Obviously this is a variety that doesn't die back in winter, yay!

Cauliflower Violet Sicilian. This photo makes it look a lot bigger than it actually is... in reality the head is only slightly bigger than a golf ball!

Leeks are leeking, but not very fast. I obviously sowed the seeds much too late. But once they start growing in spring they'll be great! I am still picking a few and having them as baby leeks.

But yay for pak choi... it continues to noticeably grow even on the cold days! I've put some crushed eggshells around mine to foil the slugs - it actually does work, and those little nibbles on the outer leaves have not been repeated.

Bright lights silver beet - another winter staple.

It's lovely and warm in the glasshouse and we often sit in here for afternoon tea and a snooze. Peas are doing fairly well in containers (a bit of black spot and mildew has just set in), and some rocket is slowly but surely getting bigger.

Last but not least - this is my new mandarin Clementine. When the weather warms up I'll plant her in a sheltered corner and cross my fingers that she manages some more fruit next year!

Oh - I got an apple tree - Baujade. I think I've even decided where to put it! Hopefully this weekend (or next) I'll get that and the feijoa finally put in place! Still debating about another apple variety to go with it.


  1. I'm envious of your glasshouse - it does look wonderfully cosy

  2. Hi I have recently bought some of the blueberry muffin blueberries and mine have blueberries on them too I have never grown them before, I thought they would fruit through the summer months? (Im a canterbury gardener also)
    Also looked at some of your older posts the other day your pottager garden is lovely

  3. Your leeks look fantastic! Ours are small & crappy *sigh*

    Love your gumboots too :)

  4. Lovely glimps!
    It depends on what apples you like, which one to plant.
    I like sharp crisp apples so my fave's are James Grieve (very old variety but I think you can stuill get them) and 'Fuji' which is like eating a sweet snowball, it's so light and juicy! Or if you prefer a sweet apple there's one called 'Ballerina' which is also a small tree which can go on your patio.

    Thre's also a very sweet pear called 'Blush' which I think comes from your part of the world. Again - a bit too sweet for me! I like 'Comice' or the Chinese ones.

  5. Now that is the art of a good grower, to be able to produce edibles in the hungry patch just through Winter. Your broccoli looks amazing. I just love that cat in the greenhouse! I bet he thinks that chair was put there just for him.

  6. I've thoroughly enjoyed spying around your garden. It is delightful. Oh how I wish I had planted some vibrant cauliflower like yours. I would love to have a greenhouse too but it would be unbearable here in the summer heat.

  7. Thanks for all the comments :) The glasshouse is great and I can't wait to put it to good use in the spring! That is if I can shift Mr Lui out ;)

  8. I envy your glasshouse too!
    The cauli looks beautiful,I'm a fan of purple veg!
    One day...



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