Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Party on the feeder

Up in the sky, little eyes are watching. At the first sign of movement the cry goes up - peep peep peep!

The second the coast is clear they swoop in, fluttering, hopping, pecking and diving. The party has started!

They party in the rain

and they party in the sun.

We mostly see waxeyes and the occasional sparrow. But yesterday these bright birdies showed up.

They have a yellow stripe along the wing. I'm no expert on birds... does anybody know what they are?

This is what they were noshing on... birdseed cakes made from dripping and wild bird seed mix. We also put out crusts of bread and the odd kitchen scrap.

In your dreams, little cat...


  1. The bird with the red and white face is a goldfinch, and I think the one in the pic below is a greenfinch.

  2. Thanks for identifying the birdies! I'm quite excited now to see what other kinds show up.

  3. Lovely bird feeder. I must make one up too. Yesterday I could hear Kakariki, the little native parrots, but I couldn't see them.

  4. Oh, how nice! Don't think I'll get any of those in my garden... maybe a bellbird?



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