Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Tonight we decided to try some of the homemade cider. This was after hearing a "thump" from the cupboard, opening it and finding a bottle lying on its side because the bottom was so distended. So I figured it was probably fizzy.

Jon did the honours while I stood well back while zooming in with the camera. Thar she blows! It's almost as good as a volcanic eruption!

The verdict: surprisingly good! From the smell I thought it was going to be quite sweet and sickly, but it's a little tart and very refreshing. Also mildly alcoholic. I guess the rest in the cupboard will only improve with age (as long as the bottles don't burst...)

In other kitchen news I got a rice cooker. I've been searching out recipes and I'm quite keen to try making a cake in it! Last night I made pumpkin and sage risotto which was delicious and really easy. The recipe is here. A list of recipes at Recipezaar is here.

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