Saturday, 5 December 2009


I had to make some bookmarks for an order recently, so I thought I'd crank up the production line and make a few extras. Once I'm in the right frame of mind it's just as easy to make 12 as it is to make 6. If you're curious about the process, read on...

First I stamp my images. I had rubber stamps made of all my original hand drawings, just because it makes the process that little bit faster. Especially when it comes to drawing hearts... you'd think that would be easy but I like my hearts to be just right - symmetrical but not too perfect. I used to spend much longer going over a heart than I did drawing a bird or a house.

Then I choose my papers... this is the fun bit! A patterned paper for the front and a matching or contrasting card for the border. After I've chosen them I trim them to bookmark size (the least fun bit.)

Then I get out my paints and happily splash colour everywhere. I usually do several layers for good depth and shading.

After that the elements are collaged into place and embellishments are added.

Then it's time to rummage through the fibres box. I pick out four or five in a complementary colour scheme, making sure there is a mix of satiny + fluffy + fuzzy + delicate in each bunch.

Then I spread them all out and admire them.

I've uploaded a few to my Felt shop. Do stop by and have a look - Felt has taken off a lot in the past few months. There is also a very good gift guide on the front page.

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