Sunday, 31 May 2009

Product Review - Schwarkzopf Hair Dye

I don't usually do product reviews, but when I colour my hair I throw the packaging away and can't remember next time which one to buy again. Some work well, some wash right out, some have toxic fumes. So here (mostly for personal future reference) are my cons and pros:


- Colour tube was difficult to squeeze into mixer bottle.
- Applicator bottle was difficult to use - I found it too big and hard to squeeze the gel out of.
- The plastic gloves were completely useless - huge, floppy, my hair tangled around them and pulled them off my hands.

+ The product was not as stinky as some others! Good ventilation is still a must though.
+ There seemed to be lots in the bottle. I always buy two packs because of my long hair, but it seemed like one and a half would have been adequate (better than other times when I've nearly run out).
+ The conditioner comes in a tube with a screw top! This is a big plus, as you will know if you have ever been in the shower, trying in vain to open a plastic sealed sachet with your teeth...
+ It rinsed out quickly and stayed rinsed out - no staining the towel or continuing to rinse out the next three times I washed my hair.

There you have it, and three cons to four pros mean I'll probably buy this one again. I'll make sure I have some disposable latex gloves on hand too. On the subject of hair dye, here are a couple of things I'd like to see:

* Half size packs for touching up your roots... it's so annoying to buy a full pack, knowing you'll have to throw half of it away.
* The actual conditioner they use in the packs available as a full size bottle.

If you dye your own hair, what brand do you use?


  1. I use Clairol Nice n Easy. They do sell a root touch up, but not for every specific color, so I've never tried it since it's unlikely to match my color (medium golden blonde). You might have better luck, since dark brown is much less obscure.

    They do sell the conditioner (labeled as "glaze" since it's supposed to help the color last longer) separately, but in smaller bottles. But then, it's meant to be used weekly, not daily. As it is, the tube they give you is enough to last 6-8 weeks.

  2. I've always used Henna, which is like putting a cow pat on your head. The one I've always used is no longer available and the replacement seems to really dry out my hair. So I'm just making do with a rosemary rinse.

  3. Jen - thanks for the tips about the touch up kit and glaze... I might look into Nice N Easy next time.

    Gillybean - I'm not sure about the cow pat, but a rosemary rinse sounds nice!



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