Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Thrifted treasures

Here's a photo I took on New Year's Eve. I meant to post it straight away, but got sidetracked as usual... So instead of being symbolic of the last night of the year, it can now be symbolic of the last night of my holidays. Yes, I'm back to work tomorrow. Not really looking forward to it but the holiday has been nice - the weather's been about 98% perfect and I actually feel like I had a break and rested up a bit!

Here are some goodies I picked up at an op shop. I really prefer the American term - thrift store - it sounds so much nicer! But, no matter what you call them, these are some treasures...

Hand carved ivory toothpicks with itty bitty camels on top...

A gorgeous 1920s mirror with flapper girl painting...

And the buttons! Oh, the buttons. I spent at least 20 minutes fossicking through a basket (one of three) filled with genuine vintage buttons. My favourites were the tiny shell ones I kept finding which were obviously hand-carved. The more asymmetric the drilled holes, the more I liked them!

Tip out the buttons and here's what you get.

The other big score was a hand-carved bone crochet hook (see second photo). I can't wait to use it in a project! But that will have to wait for the weekend.


  1. When I was a kid my mom called them Junk Shops but whatever you call them it's fun to poke around and find treasures.

  2. OMG Jealous! Wish I got to that shop first! he he

    Great finds!

  3. I love a good thrift! I get withdrawel symptoms if i dont go!

  4. Great score! I'm in the US and I love thrift stores! I use them in my found object jewelry all the time and I can't get enough!!!

    Does the "op" in op shop stand for something? I've never heard that term before!



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