Monday 13 October 2008

Lolly colours

Some days, you just feel like painting rocks. Usually they are the days when you should be doing ten other things like the dishes, planting out seedlings, finishing a project with a looming deadline or organising your next project with a looming deadline, but instead you pull out some nice round rocks and put some coats of paint on them.

Then you paint them with little scenes of birdies and cupcakes and houses.

When they are dry you add some finishing touches to sparkle and captivate...

Then you spray with several coats of clear varnish. Because you are hasty the spray goes on too thick, and doesn't dry properly. Then it smudges and you realise you have to repaint some details. Damn.

So you repaint, respray and this time everything is perfect.

And then you have a pile of brightly painted, lolly coloured rocks to sell at the market next month.


  1. I adore your lolly colored rocks! Good luck at the market. A rock with a cupcake makes me laugh out loud.

  2. Haha, it's not as weird as soap shaped like cupcakes! That just makes me shudder at the thought of biting into it.

  3. your rocks are AMAZING!!! please tell me what kind of paint you use!!

  4. Thanks Leanne. It was a mixture of acrylic paint for the base coat, and watercolour/acrylic/pen/pencil for the details (I don't like to stick to just one medium!)

  5. try Modge Podge instead of the spray. Works great

  6. Wow, these rocks you have painted are amazing.. you painted with such detail.. they are really impressive! I hope it is okay, I just couldn't help but feature your pretty painted rocks in a rock crafts round-up that I posted today... You can see it here:

    Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous rocks! I never knew a rock could be so cute :0)

  7. I wish i could come to the market and buy some of these lovely rocks!

  8. ooooo I was thoroughly shameless and plagiaristic and copied your gorgeous rocks. I hope you don't mind :-) They were such fun!

  9. So very cheerful. Love these.

  10. Your art work is so lovely. Is there another tutorial for painting rocks from the beginning?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply! I don't have a tutorial but I just painted them a base colour first, then did the drawing/painting on top of that. I use paint or marker or whatever is at hand. Then seal everything with a good coat of spray varnish!



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