Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Welcome to Tinyland

I love miniatures. I don't have a dolls house, mainly because I don't have room for it, but I do have a small (but growing) collection of miniature furniture and bits and bobs.

Welcome to Tinyland! Here is my white metal chaise, softened with a comfy patchwork cushion. A miniature pink cyclamen (my favourite!) sits on a little side table, and someone is getting up to mischief on the shelves of the dresser in the background....

Naughty kitty! Maybe that's why the birdcage is empty...!

I embroidered this little patchwork cushion. The main reason for getting this furniture was because I want to make little soft furnishings... cushions, throws, embroideries, etc.

So tonight I started on this. It's supposed to be a table centrepiece but is turning out a little bigger than I thought, so it's going to be more like a tablecloth. It's okay though... as I work I'm getting ideas for better, more intricate designs.

This is the tiny hook I'm using. I don't know the exact size, but the handle says "5 + 22". Here it is alongside a 4mm hook for scale.

After this I'm going to make some teeny tiny granny squares for an itty bitty afghan, and I have my eye on one of these Janet Granger embroidery kits. And some 1mm knitting needles. And a magnifying glass!

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  1. hi Ruth,
    How lovely to come to your site after some weeks and see a feast of things to look at.
    I love those miniature bits and bobs too but have been very firm with myself as I have no room for another hobby!!

    Having said that, I did acquire one thing years ago. I think I can still find it. Email me your address and I'll send it down.

    What size are your miniaturs?

    I once did a mini amish rug but framed that . That was in cros stitch and my eyes were crossed a tthe end because I did it really small. You may remember it on the wall in our lounge

    Good Idea about water-marking your photos - how do you do that?



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