Sunday, 5 August 2012

July colours

We are into August now, but these pictures were taken (and this post planned) in the dreary days of late July. As winter has progressed I've felt the need to have colours surrounding me. The spring bulbs on the hall table helped immensely - they were so pretty and frilly and scented - and it was a shame when they finally wilted and I had to put them out. I noticed that the crochet block I was working on matched a cushion and a cyclamen and a magazine cover, and the flowers on my new thrifted teacups match the fairy blush camellia blossoms. Life is good when you are surrounded by pretty colours.

The days are lengthening now - it's no longer dark when I walk to my car after work. And the season's first daffodils have popped open in my garden. We're on the upward swing now... spring days are ahead.


  1. Hi Ruth nice to hear your daffys are flowering already, spring is not so far away after all.

    1. I'm counting down the days till spring! Hope you have daffys blooming in your garden too :)



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