Monday, 16 February 2015

February flowers

Here we are with my February flowers post. This month my garden seems a bit more muted, or perhaps I've just chosen to focus on the softer flowers rather than the brash, end-of-summer colours of dahlias and salvias. I like the soft shades here as a respite from the hot weather we've been having!

Clockwise from top left: lavatera and gaura, carnation, Peace roses (currently opening as a bright yellow bud then fading to pastel fondant shades of pink and cream), gypsophila, white echinacea, dahlia, sweet alyssum, poppy seed heads, hydrangea, penstemon Blackbird, Claire rose, scabiosa. 

I'm joining in at Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, where gardeners all around the world show what is flowering in their patch right now.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Styling the Seasons February 2015

 Hello there! Well, it's February (a week into it, oops) so I'm joining in again this month with Styling The Seasons, hosted by Katy at Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte at Lotts and Lots. Each month we are invited to style a surface in our home reflecting that month and season, and since it's February I've gone with my kitchen shelf. Late summer for me means hot, sunny afternoons and evenings, and lots of produce to harvest in my garden. I'm busy chopping, packaging, preserving and freezing, so I want nice things to look at in the kitchen while I do that!

 I have four sets of curtains in the kitchen/dining room and they are all different shades of green. It wasn't exactly intentional but I ended up loving the matching-yet-mismatching look of it!
This is the first time that I've used yellow as a feature colour deliberately! It's not normally among my favourite colours, but I found the rose patterned plate a few weeks ago at a market and decided to use it as the basis for my display. I don't know if I'm a yellow convert now, but it does add a nice pop here!

 I found some pink trim in my suitcase of vintage trims. It's very soft and was probably used for trimming flannel nighties. I'm going to make sure I edge a pair of pyjama pants with it before winter!

I love the delicate fronds of this maidenhair fern. It's right at home in its little enamel pot.

Hope you like my little shelfie this month. It's bright pretty colours are definitely lifting my heart and making my kitchen chores a little more bearable!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants and Coffee

Welcome to my post for Urban Jungle Bloggers' February styling challenge! If you haven't come across Urban Jungle Bloggers before, it's a monthly challenge hosted by Judith from and Igor from Happy Interior Blog. This month's theme is Plants and Coffee. I decided to take inspiration from a cafe that's recently opened in Christchurch called The Lemon Tree Cafe - it's a gorgeous little cafe filled with vintage china, lace, doilies, shabby chic furniture and lots of plants! Before I show you the rest of my styling, let me show you some photos of my inspiration.

I loved the beautiful lace tablecloths and crochet doilies. The tables were covered with a sheet of safety glass, you can imagine what a mess they would get in otherwise! All the tables also had packets of sugar in little cups or jugs, and various sets of novelty salt and pepper shakers. Such a fun touch!

 I especially like the row of plants on the wrought iron table. Old chamber pots make wonderful planters! Also, African violets! I had two leaf cuttings which survived for a while but both eventually died. I really should find some more and try again.

 Back at home I decided to recreate the vintage display. The obvious place to put it was on top of my china cabinet which I've just finished repainting and refurbishing! I've got plenty of doilies at home to choose from (I may be just a touch obsessed with vintage doilies) and I had a vintage rose print to prop up at the back.

 My cyclamens are just gearing up for their winter flowering season. This pink one is the first bloom... looking forward to many months more. The wooden house frame is an op shop find from my mum. I think I'll paint it, just need to decide what colour...

 In the green enamel pot are some cuttings from my goldfish plant. They were getting a bit leggy. I was going to trim them back, but then I thought of making a frame from some wire. Now I love the way they look wrapping around it.

 Here's my silver tray and spoons. They are a bit tarnished and I like them like that. In a nod to the Lemon Tree Cafe I've put out my favourite set of vintage salt and pepper shakers. I think this mug goes quite well too... though it happens to be brand new from Briscoes!

The roses are Sexy Rexy from my garden. They have such a compact and beautiful form.

I wasn't going to buy new houseplants for the purposes of this post, but it's funny the way they just jump into your shopping basket of their own accord isn't it? I really do like this zebra plant - it's bold graphic leaves are such a perfect contrast to the soft and feminine planter. And the funny little succulent is right at home in my teapot.

Well, it's taken long enough to write this post that I really am craving a cup of coffee now. Hope you've enjoyed my vintage display. There are more beautiful stylings to be enjoyed at Urban Jungle Bloggers - make yourself a cuppa and head on over!


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