Friday 16 October 2015

Styling the Seasons - October 2015

 October is here! Sometimes it seems I spend all year waiting for October, when the air is warm, the evenings are bright, the garden is fresh and I have so many ideas and the energy to complete them! I've styled my vintage china cabinet fairly simply (by my standards) to reflect the start of this new season of easy living and happy garden times.

 Now is the time for potting out seedlings. I love terracotta pots, raw wood and natural twine. The more weathered, the better! This funny little mouse planter was a recent secondhand shop find. I'm guessing it was a planter anyway, it seemed the natural use for it to me!

 These freesias are just gorgeous. They have that lovely incense smell, and the colour is amazingly intense. They last a good week in the vase.

 Handmade seed packets are a great way to store seeds from the garden.

 It's always nice to put a fresh doily out, this one seemed especially springlike!

This is the first flush of blooms from my new Prunus Accolade. I only cut the branch because it was tangled with another one, but one day they'll be big enough that I can cut a few more branches for display! (Side note, the flowers only lasted a couple of days before wilting. Still worth it, I think!)

Now it's time for me to grab my hat and those secateurs and head outside. If you need me I'll be in the garden...

Styling the Seasons is a monthly styling challenge hosted by Katy at Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte at Lotts and Lots. Find out more by searching the hashtag#stylingtheseasons on social media.


  1. Oh! This has made me hanker for the coming of Spring like you wouldn't believe. And we are only just starting Autumn here!! This is so lovely and ad the pretty pinks are perfect for Spring - also very jealous of your big string holder xx

    1. Thank you Katy! I love the string holder too haha, I want to use it for everything but also keep it for display so I'm a bit torn! I'm so happy it's spring here since winter lasted long enough but autumn is wonderful too... hope you are enjoying it still!

  2. I love visiting you in your spring. Here, in New England, USA, the first frost has taken most of the blooms. We are hunkering down for a long winter's nap so your cheerful seed packets and lovely cherry blossoms brighten the day.

    1. Oh, frost, I hope we have seen the last of that for the time being. But the good thing is that you'll be able to have a bit of a rest from garden duties (unless you have some special winter projects planned like I usually do!) Hope you are keeping warm and cosy!



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