Thursday, 20 June 2013

Little things

A few projects from the weekend, when it rained and rained. I found it helpful to have several little things on the go, that way I finished them quickly and felt more satisfied. (You might have noticed, I've well and truly fallen off the wagon with my 12 Unfinished Things project. It's just so much more interesting to start new things!) So, I...

... crocheted some trim for pillowcases. I really enjoyed this project, it was quick and easy and cheap using op shop pillowcases. Choosing the thread colour made me really happy!

... crocheted a pink scalloped trim for the lampshade. A bit of silly fun really, I wanted to bring the hot pink colour scheme into this corner of the room and I didn't feel like getting a whole new lamp shade. The trim is just pinned on at the back so it's easy to change later. Then I brought out the button box and sewed on some random white buttons.

... finished my Project Life spreads for April. Then I organised my May photos on the computer ready to have printed. And before long it will be time to do June...

The word on the snow is that, while it hit many parts of the south island today, it hasn't snowed in Christchurch to my relief. It's still bitterly cold and wet though and as they keep telling us, the worst is yet to come. I'll be putting some extra blankets on the bed tonight! Hope you are all keeping warm and cozy.


  1. I love the buttons picture, Ruth. Snow!?? I tend to forget you are not experiencing the heat and humidity of a Pennsylvania summer. Stay warm! P. x

    1. Well, I'd love some of that heat but you can keep the humidity! Hope you're having a great summer in the garden.



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