Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas, yay

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. Some years I'm into it and can't wait to decorate, and some years I'm a grinch and just want it all to be over. This year it's Christmas, yay. I put my tree up in the last week of November and have been enjoying it ever since. I went with a blue, pink and silver colour scheme, mixing it up with cheap shop-bought balls and my favourite handmade decorations from previous years. 

Last year I bought LED lights thinking they'd last longer than classic fairy lights so it would be a good investment. When I got them home and plugged them in I really wasn't too fond of the cool blue light they gave off. This year, I notice LED lights now come in either cool blue or warm yellow tones, but I'm not going to just buy a new set. Thanks to blogland, I've learned that the trick to warming up your cold LED lights is to simply paint the bulbs with nail polish in an orange or yellow shade. Of course, I found that out a couple of days after I'd set up the tree, so I'll wait till next year to try that one out. At least the blue fits in with the colour scheme!

What's on your Christmas tree this year?


  1. we just got a tree this year - have been resisting as we have a small place and don't want to store one for 11 months of the year etc etc. Then grandkids came along.... Since I didn't have many ornaments I have been busily crocheting snowflakes and angels in the evenings, it has been a very pleasant way to pass the time.

    1. Handmade ornaments are the best! I like snowflakes too because you can pull them out again in winter, if you so desire, so they do double duty!



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