Friday, 13 April 2012

The potager in April

 It took two weekends, one of which was the long Easter weekend, to get the potager into shape. I weeded, pulled out old plants, weeded more, and planted out cabbages and broccoli and spring onions and lettuce. Small seedlings had plastic bottle cloches placed over them to help them put on a bit of weight before winter.

 Baby lavender seedlings are along the front path - I want a lovely bushy hedge next spring.

 Looking towards the glasshouse and it looks pretty tidy if I do say so myself. I'm impressed with the upright rosemary which will make a striking winter focal point - a couple of the plants already have flowers opening.

 This little pot of lettuces is still going strong. I have some more sown in the glasshouse to take over soon. Behind them, the bed is full of broccoli.

 At the back left a squadron of leeks is lined up. The big monster on the right is a zucchini which is just about at the end of its life. I achieved my goal this year of having the inner edge of the outer beds all lined with calendula, hopefully I timed it right so they will flower through winter.

 Two tomato plants which were neglected by me over summer (I was too busy being mad at the weather) have flopped everywhere but are still producing fruit. One is Juliet, which I grow every year because nothing seems to faze it, and one is Baxters Early Bush Cherry which is being smothered by Juliet, so I haven't really been able to form an opinion of it.

It's funny how a hard wooden chair is always more comfortable if it's intended for humans, than a soft mat which is intended for cats. (He's actually quite lucky the seat didn't tip up and send him flying!)


  1. The potager looks fabulous! Good work.

  2. Gorgeous. I wondered what the bottles were for. The lavender lining the pathway is going to be beautiful. I love the way you incorporate all different plantings here. The cat knows you might want to sit - and he'll get a little petting!

    1. Yes trying different plantings is half the fun! I'm really looking forward to the lavender, I'm hoping it will attract insects, provide lavender for drying, and neaten the edge. The bottles look a bit funny but I peeked inside today and they are helping the little plants get bigger!

  3. Hi Ruth, I was super excited to find your blog today. We have a garden centre in South Australia and I just love seeing peoples gardens, especially edible ones. I will be awaiting to see what u post next.
    Thanks Krystal

    1. Hi Krystal, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like my garden, and I hope you'll visit again soon. Always nice to hear from someone gardening in the same hemisphere!



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