Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Granny squares

 Ok, I've changed my mind on using the Daisy Chain square for the skirt. It's a pretty square and I'll definitely use it for something... maybe a bag?... but I've realised that the pattern designers were right and the plain granny works best in this case.

 I made some quick mock-ups in Photoshop to decide if I should edge the squares in black, which seemed like a good idea while I was working the first ones. Black is always a tidy colour with which to frame things.

 But once again I think the pattern designers were right, and using the same colour as the body of the skirt pulls it all together. Black just makes it look tacked on the bottom.

However... I do think I'll make mine a bit shorter than this one and have it above the knee (dare I say this, after all my deviations from the pattern so far have been disastrous?) Will I even finish it? Will I wear granny squares in public? Watch this space!

Whilst making one of the squares, I became enamoured with this combination of soft grey and white. It felt somehow magical, and when I put it down next to the book I'm reading, the connection became clear... it's the colour of moonbeams on clouds. How beautiful, I whispered, a moonlit night blanket...

So I made this mockup to check if I really really liked it, and I really really do. Especially when I thought of adding some shell buttons to alternate squares. I like it so much I want to start on it right away, but I need that yarn for the skirt project... must finish the skirt first!


  1. That is the trouble with being creative...your mind goes off on tangents. I agree about the edge colour of the squares on the skirt. But then I think I would do the body of the skirt in black anyway.

  2. Speaking of going of on tangents what is the book you are reading? I agree about the squares on the skirt better in the lighter colour, but the black ones would make a nice tote bag.

  3. I agree with using the same colour as the body of the skirt. The colours are great. I definitely think you should wear granny squares in public and be proud.

  4. Thanks you guys, the granny square making progresses, I should get a few more done over the weekend.

    The book is Club Dead by Charlaine Harris, book 3 in the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse series. I love the TV show and I'm enjoying reading the books. They are the same only different. Very entertaining though, I enjoy the dark humour.

  5. I haven't watched true blood will have to have a look at the library for the books. Thanks



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