Friday, 5 November 2010

Crochet ta-dah

Here it is... a crochet footstool!

Third time is the charm, so they say, and it was on my third attempt at making the sides that they finally took on the right shape. First I tried a mesh pattern, but it was too busy with the granny square top. Then I did plain dc, but it began to bulge and ripple most unattractively. Eventually I realised that the top square was too big, so I ripped out the extra row of granny clusters that I'd put round the whole thing and began again in dc. After that, it mostly did what I wanted it to.

I thought about painting the legs, but decided I like them fine the way they are.

Pretty granny flower garden... The cover comes off for washing (which will be useful once Lui discovers it).

I'm very happy with my lovely spring flowers.


  1. When you first shoed the squares I had no idea what you had planned. Clever and the rhododendrons are gorgeous too.

  2. I hadn't got around to saying how lovely the garden is looking back on the last post. That's a good sturdy bean fence and canellini have been one of my most successful beans. The brick paving is an economical use of space and makes interesting divisions. Footstool has come up a beauty.

  3. Thanks for the comments you guys :) The weather is dismal today so I won't be in the garden - think I need to find another crochet project to work on!

  4. Lovely foot stool, I particularly like the colour combinations.



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