Monday, 12 April 2010


Autumn is here, which means shorter days. That makes my weekends fly by even faster than usual! I spend most of the daylight hours outside in the garden, working on my potager and trying to keep the weeds at bay in the rest of the garden, at least until I have time to deal with them properly (when will that be I wonder?) Photos will follow, one day, when it's finally nice enough for me to want to photograph it.

I'm also working on my crochet - I just made this little table runner. This is a miniature dolls house scale piece, it's for my tinyland house if I ever get it. It only took one evening to work up, though my eyes were screaming afterwards...

Here's where the magic happens... usually at night with the light of many lamps! The ever present WIP is draped over the arm of the couch there. It's big enough that I can now snuggle under it while I work.

The harvest continues - I'm off to the kitchen now to make another batch of kasundi.

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